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Underlay Essentials

It is used to be said that a good carpet underlay extends the life of a carpet. In these days of contractual obligation, it would be extremely unwise for anyone to make such a a sweeping claim, however it is certain that a poor underlay detracts measurably from the life of a carpet.

Investing in a higher quality carpet underlay is the most cost effective way of upgrading a carpet installation. It is usually better to spend an additional RM10.00(USD3.00) per meter square on a good underlay that provides greater support for the carpet and thus greater wearability. It will also give greater feeling to your underfoot which the clients feels the comfort and quality derive from the carpet. An inexpensive carpet with high quality underlay may feel better than a higher quality carpet with cheap underlay.

Therefore, with a good quality underlay, matching a good quality carpet will provide an excellent combination to achieve higher standard in comfort for the carpet industry.

Why You Should Use EZA™ SUPERLAY:

  1. A No Nonsense Carpet Underlay.

  2. It provides an 'ever cushion' when it is laid on the ground.

  3. This 'ever cushion' feeling. remains as a 'comfort zone' for many years.

  4. It is water resistance (EZA™ SUPERLAY will not absorb water under any circumstances. Hence using a vacuum cleaner to clean will prevent water logging characteristic which may caused bacterials adour and fungus growth underneath the carpet).

  5. EZA™ SUPERLAY is environmentally friendly and is highly durable.

  6. Flame retardant, water resistance, and excellent resiliency are the main popular features that have earn EZA™ SUPERLAY its wide appeal among the existing corporate and retail clientele.
  Eza(tm) Superlay advantages